Updated August 26, 2003

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Union Parish School Board is committed to providing the best technology equipment and professional development possible for the integration of technology into the curriculum.

District staff members have written and received a variety of grants that have funded many innovational programs. These include: Carl Perkins Vocational Grant that allows for the purchase of new computers for Business Labs, FIRSTTech Grant that provides laptop computers and professional development for all first year teachers and their mentors, Classroom Based Technology Grant that provides equipment and software for classrooms, Online Learning Community Grant that allows the district to develop a community portal and an online education and communication program using BlackBoard software, and Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant that allowed the district to provide a Software Facilitator to assist teachers in the implementation of testing software. 

At present, the district is implementing an online testing and remediation program through cooperative efforts of PLATO Learning System and RISO company. This program, funded through a Federal Ear-marked Grant, will assist educators in preparing students for LEAP21 and ITBS testing.

District Technology Plan
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