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Union Parish School District is working hard to help you learn about the methods we are implementing to increase your knowledge of Parental Involvement strategies. One way we are working toward this goal is by offering links to great websites for programs the state is affiliated with to help all of our students in different areas of need.

www.peoplefirstla.org – This website supports people with disabilities and teaches them how to empower themselves.

www.pyramidparentcenter.org – A resource center for parents of students with disabilities. It is designed to support and educate parents on all the resources available to give students every advantage they can to succeed in school and life.

www.imtyler.org - Tyler Green of imtyler.org has taken on a mission to educate the world about Ability Awareness. Can you make a difference in someone’s life?

www.disabilityisnatural.com – This is a very informative website created by the mother of a child with disabilities. She strives to give good common sense advice in dealing with the many challenges involved in evening the playing field for students with disabilities.

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