Updated November 18, 2003

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Parents are their children's first and most important teachers and are the key to their success in school and beyond.  Supporting parents are an essential component of the Title I program in the Union Parish School System.

It is our belief that good communication between the school and the family must exist and is vital to the success of each child.  Research proves that parent and family involvement increases student achievement and success.  It is our goal to strengthen family-school partnerships through good communication and mutual responsibility for student learning.  Working together to support our children and their education will produce meaningful and lasting results.

Understanding the powerful influence of parental involvement in a child's education, the Title I schools in Union Parish encourage parents to become partners in the learning process.  Parents are encouraged to visit the school, volunteer in the classroom, and attend meaningful programs that target the specific needs of the child.  Each Title I project is designed to provide parents meaningful opportunities to participate in the education of their child at home and at school.  Although each school determines its own particular needs, some basic elements are common to most successful parent-school relationships.

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Family Involvement at the District Level,

Union Parish School Board Media Center

The Title I Parent Center is located in the Union Parish School Board Media Center. There are many helpful books, video tapes, and read-along books for children. Workbooks are available for parents of children in grades K-8 in the areas of reading/language arts, mathematics, and test taking skills. These materials are available for checkout from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Every month during the school year the Media Center staff publishes and delivers to each school with K-8 students a Parent Newsletter. Students are encouraged by teachers to take home one of two editions, K-3 or 4-8. Issues contain a special message from the Union Parish Curriculum/Parent Coordinator, Parents Make the Difference insert, an activity calendar, puzzle pages and skill sheets, school news and photos, as well as varied informative education related articles and advice for parents.

In the fall a District Parent Night is held where parents are informed about the latest educational happenings in our district. Besides being informed, attendees are entertained, parent handbooks and special giveaways are distributed and caregivers are encouraged to become active participants in their children's education.

At the end of each school year "Summer Bridge of Learning Day" is held at the Union Parish Media Center. Grade specific Summer Bridge Activity Books are given away. These contain fun, skill-based activities in reading, writing, mathematics, and language arts with additional activities in geography and science. Students keep learning all summer long with review of skills from the previous school year as well as preparation for the upcoming school year.

In addition to the principal and teacher representatives, each school also has parent representatives that serve on the Family Advisory Council. Each school's parent representatives are listed below their respective school's summary of family involvement activities.


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