2004 Outstanding Teacher
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Audra Johnson

LABE's 2004 Outstanding Teacher is Adra Johnson.  She has been teaching since 1977 after receiving her Business Education degree from Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond.  Since 1983, Adra has been at Laranger High School where she is currently the Business Education Department Head and teaches administrative support occupations, computer architecture, general cooperative education, Louisiana virtual high school classes, and independent study in technology applications.

Adra is active in her community and is a member of several professional organizations in addition to LABE..  She assists other schools in her parish with not only curriculum, etc, but with sports programs.  She has a long list of honors and awards to which she can add this one.

"I believe that my teaching is a gift from God, and He intends for me to share this gift.  The biggest reward of my job is watching a student enter my classroom knowing very little about business and the wonderful world of technology, and then emerging technology-literate and ready for an entry-level position. She is always called upon to 'help' other teachers and coworkers with various computer problems, and she gladly assists them.  When given the opportunity to work at a supervisory position, she considered if carefully and remained in the classroom with the kids.  It is where she belongs. The most touching thing I have ever heard is 'Thank you for believing in me.

Quotes from those who know her

Principal She has never missed an opportunity to hone her professional growth and skills.  Her level of expertise and invaluable instruction makes her an exceptional asset to our school and students.

 Co-worker She is a creative and innovative teacher, a kind and sincere individual, and an ideal educator.

Student She is truly an original who fully utilizes all the technology that is available to our school to prepare all her students for todays high paced, technological world.  When I walk down the halls of Loranger High, I see Mrs. Johnson and all of the new horizons she has opened for me as well as many others.


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Last updated May 20, 2004
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