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Our Newsletter:  The Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is the official publication of LABE and is published twice a year, in fall and spring.  It is mailed to all LABE members and occasionally to all business teachers in the state. 

The purposes of The Bulletin Board are to: 

  1. Inform Louisiana teachers of legislative issues affecting business education
  2. Provide notification of proposed LABE constitutional or by-law changes
  3. Report on state-wide meetings and area conferences
  4. Provide membership information
  5. Share news items  of interest to business teachers in Louisiana.  

The Bulletin Board serves as the primary vehicle for recruiting NBEA/SBEA, ACTE, Louisiana ACTE, and LABE memberships.  Additionally, The Bulletin Board provides a method by which teachers may publish articles of interest to those in the profession.


Our Journal:  The Journal of Business and Training Education

The LABE is proud to have its own refereed journal, which publishes articles contributing to business education theory and practice.  Manuscripts are sought from all fields of business education to reflect the needs and interests of business educators and administrators, business practitioners, and government personnel.

The first issue of the journal, The Louisiana Business Education Journal, was published in the spring of 1991.  In 1996, the name of the journal changed to The Journal of Business and Training Education to reflect the articles published from any areas of the United States. Copies of past issues may be purchased for $10 .


Last updated May 20, 2004
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