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Mission Statement

To provide all students with the skills, knowledge, and education needed to reach their fullest potential.

Philosophy / Beliefs

The faculty of Farmerville High School believes that hte school exists to educate the students of our community in an appropriate and well-rounded manner. We are committed to helping all students acquire and develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and ideals necessary for them to function within and contribute to a democratic multi-cultural society. The school shares with the home and other agencies within the community the responsibility of preparing independent, thoughtful students who are able to meet their own needs as well as those of others.

We believe that our students must be viewed as individuals with individual needs, and that every effort must be made to ensure that those needs are met. We are committed to meeting this challenge by developing and executing appropriate programs of study, by adhering to specified goals, and by working to foster an environment that is stable, safe, and positive.

We as a faculty recognize the need for continuing professional growth and for open and positive communication. We understand that our efforts at Farmerville High School must reinforce the accountability of hte school to the community which it serves, all the while remaining cognizant of the demands of the larger stage upon which our students will be required to perform.


To develop in all students the ability to reason logically, to think carefully, and to recognize the importance of learning as a lifetime habit.

To work in a spirit of cooperation and maintain effective communication with the home and other agencies of the community and state to promote the well-being of all students.

To offer a curriculum which addresses the variety of needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles of the students, and provides challenges and enrichment necessary to ensure their personal and academic achievement.

To promote an exemplary standard of behavior based on the cross-cultural values of hte community.

To provide appropriate academic and vocational guidance and instruction to enable students to continue their educations and/or to become gainfully employed after graduation.

To foster acceptance and enactment of responsibility by offering curricular and extra-curricular activities which promote academic excellence and wise use of leisure time, and which stimulate cooperation, leadership, and personal growth.

To develop a program which impresses upon all students their duty to preserve our democratic ideals and which encourages an awareness of the importance of their roles in a multi-cultural society.

To evaluate frequently the school's curriculum and the students' needs to ensure that the overall program serves the requirements of the individual students so that they may enjoy current as well as future success.

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