Farmerville High School


The cheerleaders at the Super Dome, baby!!!

1st Row: Co-Captain Christy Woods, Captain Haley Dye, Co-Captain Kassidy Grier

2nd Row: Kimberly Carr, Haley Hearn, Dustin Allen (Mascot), Cassie Keen, Kelly Franklin

3rd Row: Jenny Haynes, Prenna Jackson, Kelci Tucker, Sarah Hunt, Kelci Grier, NaKecia Stringfellow, Nicole Bowman

More Pics of us Chics

The Dancin' Flames

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Membership for the cheerleading squad and the mascot is open to girls and boys who will be in the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grades when they are on the squad.

Tryouts: Eligibility

  1. A student trying out for cheerleading must be academically eligible with a grade point average of 2.5 "C".
  2. Scholastic excellence is important. It is encouraged and mandated that each cheerleader maintains at least a 2.5 "C" average.
  3. All cheerleaders are reminded that the Good Conduct Rule applies at all times.
  4. To be eligible for captain and co-captain positions, a cheerleader must have been on the squad for one complete season/year.
  5. Eligibility is determined by looking at a candidates last completed 9 weeks grades.