Updated August 14, 2003

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Current Available Positions:

Teaching Requirements:

Requirements for Certification

Requirements for Certified Teachers

Requirements for Non-Certified Teachers

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For current available teaching positions please contact the principals at the following schools: 

School  Phone


Bernice High School


Downsville High School 318-982--5318 318-982-5737
 Farmerville Elementary School 318-368-9542 318-368-6081
Farmerville High School


Farmerville Middle School


Lillie Middle School


Linville High School


Marion High School 318-292-4410 318-292-4422
Rocky Branch Elementary School 318-726-6691 318-726-7611
 Spearsville High School  318-778-3752 318-778-3269

Teacher Requirements Documents

Requirements for Certification in Louisiana

Certified Teachers

Below is a list of documents, in Adobe PDF Format, for anyone interested in becoming a certified teacher in Louisiana.

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Contacting Louisiana Teacher Certification: ContactTcert.pdf
Louisiana Teaching Authorizations: LouisianaTeaching Authorizations.pdf
Fee Schedule FeeSchedule.pdf
Louisiana Teacher Certification Exam Requirements NTE/PRAXIS Exams NTEPRAXISINFO.pdf
Validity, Reinstatement, Renewal, and Extension: ValReinRenewal.pdf
NTE converted to PRAXIS: NTEConvertedtoPraxis.pdf
(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions FAQ.pdf

Certified Teachers

Anyone who wishes to apply for a position as a certified teacher needs to have read 
over each of the documents represented on this page

Policies and Criteria (Temporary Teaching Assignments) TTARequirments.pdf
Temporary Employment Permit Guidelines (TEP) TEPGuidelines.pdf

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Non-Certified Teachers

Anyone who wishes to apply for a position as a non-certified teacher needs to have read
 over each of the documents represented on this page.

Interim Emergency Policy for Hiring Full-Time/Part-Time Non-Certified School Personnel 665PolicyTMR.pdf
:Louisiana Teacher Certification Exam Requirements: NTEPraxisInfo.pdf
NTE converted to PRAXIS: NTEConvertedtoPraxis.pdf

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