Federal Programs
Federal Programs play an important role in the education of students in Union Parish. If you are interested in how, why and when the Federal Programs (Title Programs) were initiated, please view the link to the left named Federal Programs & Funding.

All Union Parish schools receive dollars from Federal Programs and each program has certain responsibilities or mandates that must be followed. Every school community must develop a school improvement plan (SIP) and update it yearly based on the academic performance of its students on state tests such as LEAP/iLEAP, EOC and ACT. The SIP must describe what is going to be done to improve academic achievement for all students at that particular school. To develop a plan, the school improvement committee must survey the condition of facilities, the learning atmosphere, teacher and program effectiveness, parental and community involvement and availability of resources.

Because constructive input is important to the success of every school, surveys and focus groups are often used to collect ideas and opinions from parents of the students or from the supporting school community. Committees are also formed to gather information to develop or update programs. We urge you to complete surveys when you receive them, participate in special focus groups or serve on committees when you are invited. We also urge you to attend meetings to learn all you can about your children's school(s) and what you can do to help. Never be afraid to ask questions, make suggestions or volunteer. We want you to be a part of the school improvement team, too!

Remember -- Your children gain their education through home, as well as, school experiences. We both have responsibilities to these leaders of tomorrow. Your values and opinions will always be important to your children. Let them know their education is important to you. Then it will be important to them and they will succeed!

We look forward to seeing you or hearing from you as we work together for a better education for our children, the most valuable resource we have in Union Parish!