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NAME                                                                        SUBJECT

BERNICE HIGH SCHOOL                        Back to the Top

    1.        Robert Harkins                                                  Princpal

    2.        Jackuline C. Hill                                                 Dir. of St. Affairs, English

    3.        Kim Kelley                                                         History, Science, , F.Ent.

    4.        Stacy Finley                                                       Spanish, Phy. Ed., P. Science

    5.        Jeannie M. Reynolds                                        Agriscience, Forestry, Weld

    6.        Nicky R. Weaver                                               Civics/F.Ent., Sociology, WT

    7.        Tabatha C. Harris                                              Librarian, English, Speech, T

    8.        Robbie J. Alford                                                Keyboard, Account. B. Eng.

    9.        Dana A. Coe                                                       Family & Child, Career Stud.

  10.        John H. Bennett                                                 Biology, Chemistry, Physics

  11.        Kevin Bethea                                                     Algebra, Trigonometry, Geo.


  12.        Tanya Carney                                                    Third Grade

  13.        Anita Kelley                                                      Third Grade

  14.        Kim Elliott                                                          Second Grade

  15.        Betty P. Elkins                                                   Second Grade

  16.        Karen Kay W. Brown                                       First Grade

  17.        Rosemarie Tubbs                                              First Grade

  18.        Sabrina Deason                                                 First Grade

  19.        Christy Hatley                                                   Kindergarten

  20.        Stacy Merritt                                                      Kindergarten

               Title VI Teacher

  21.         Sharon Colvin                                                  Second Grade

               Special Education

 22.         Gregory Young                                               Special Education

  23.         Carrie Kinnison                                              Special Education

           Gregory Young is Special Education Teacher part time at SHS.  Homebased at BHS.

               Robert Wroten teaches Gifted/ Talented part time.  Homebased at SHS.

               R. Gregory Grambling teaches Adaptive P.E. part time.  He is homebased at FHS.

               Principal    1

               Number of Secondary Teachers     10

               Number of Elementary Teachers     9

               Number of Title VI Teachers           1

               Number of Special Education Teachers   2

               Total     23

DOWNSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL                        Back to the Top

   1.        Stephen Richardson                                       Principal

    2.        Sherry Boyd                                                    Dir. of St. Af., English, A. H.

    3.        Thomas Wayne Antley                                 Health &PE, W.Geography

    4.        Larry Stegall                                                    Phy. Ed., Free Ent., Civics

    5.        Delaine Mosley                                              English, A.  History, F. Arts

    6.        Judy R. Taylor                                                Family &Cons. S. Food/Nutr.

    7.        Susan H. White                                              Librarian, History

    8.        Sandria A. Estes                                            Chem.,Biology, Science

    9.        Jamie Lynn McCullin                                    Agriscience, Animal Prod.

  10.        Brian Dean Head                                           Algebra, Geometry, Math

  11.        Tina Allen                                                       Keyb. Computer Lit., Pub.


  12.        Terry Havins                                                  Seventh & Eighth Grade, PE

  13.        Rita Halley                                                     Seventh & Eighth Grade, Geo

  14.        Brenda Matthews                                         Seventh & Eighth Grades

  15.        Janice Sweitzer                                              Seventh & Eighth Grade

  16.        Donna Alford                                                 Sixth Grade

  17.        Rebecca T. Saunders                                     Sixth Grade

  18.        Patsy McClanahan                                         Fifth Grade

  19.        Wilma Dee Martindale                                   Fifth Grade

  20.        Kelly C. Honeycutt                                         Fourth Grade

  21.        Serena Aswell                                                 Fourth Grade

  22.        Nell Williams                                                   Third Grade

  23.        Kathlena Bryan                                              Third Grade 

  24.        Beth Garland                                                   Second Grade

  25.        Sharra S. Aswell                                             Second Grade

  26.        Dona H. Traylor                                             First Grade

  27.        Patricia Coleman                                            First Grade

  28.        Glenda N. Elford                                            Kindergarten

 29.         Cynthia Albritton                                          Kindergarten

               Special Education

  30.        Susan G. Edwards                                         Special Education

  31.        Loretta Dade                                                  Special Education

  32.        Leesa T. McCarley                                        Special Education                    

               Robert Gregory Grambling teaches Adaptive PE part time.  He is hombased at FHS.

               Principal     1

               Number of Secondary Teachers   10

               Number of Elementary  Teachers   18

               Number of Special Education Teachers    3

               Total    32



   1.        Sharon A. Stewart                                         Principal

    2.        Donna J. Denton                                            Librarian

    3.        Nina Douglas                                                 Third Grade

    4.        Cynthia Marie Gatson                                   Third Grade

    5.        Janet S. Lazenby                                            Third Grade

    6.        Peggy Stracener                                            Third Grade

    7.        Amy Fordham                                                Third Grade

    8.        Lisa S. Foster                                                 Third Grade    

    9.        Martie A. Graham                                          Second Grade

  10.        Janice Savage                                                Second Grade

  11.        Kristy DeAnne Auger                                  Second Grade

  12.        Deborah Kaye Sims                                      Second Grade

 13.         Patsy Pearson                                                Dir. Of St. Aff.  Second Grade

 14.         Renee Simpson                                              First Grade

  15.        Rhonda Franklin                                            First Grade

  16.        Cheryl Lynne Sullivan                                  First Grade

  17.        Bobbie C. Smith                                             First Grade

  18.        Deanna E. Wilson                                         Kindergarten

  19.        Rebecca L. Hodge                                         Kindergarten

  20.        Greta Otwell                                                   Kindergarten

  21.        Rebecca L. Andrews                                    Kindergarten

  22.        Eula Amanda Sullivan                                  Kindergarten

               Title I Teacher

  23.        April S. Kaheiki                                             Kindergarten

               Title VI Teachers

  24.        Page Hughes                                                Second Grade

  25.        Amy G. Monk                                               First Grade

               Special Education

  26.        Judy Bryan                                                     Special Education

  27.        Wanda Dianne Pierce                                    Special Education

               Principal  1

               Number of Elementary Teachers   21

               Number of Title I Elementary Teachers    1

               Number of Title VI Teachers                    2

               Number of Special Education Teachers    2

               Total   27


FARMERVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL                Back to the Top

   1.        Carol W. Smith                                             Principal

    2.        Shirley Lee Johnson                                    Director of St. Affs.

    3.        Joe Page                                                        Director of St. Affs.

    4.        Linda Kay Smith                                            Librarian

    5.        Alice F. Bolton                                              Eighth Grade

    6.        Pamela Marie Touchstone                           Eighth Grade

    7.        Suzanne Rogers                                             Eighth Grade

    8.        Christopher D. Morris                                   Eighth Grade

    9.        Patricia A. Turner                                          Eighth Grade

  10.        Timothy M. Stokes                                        Seventh & Eighth G

  11.        Connie Garsee                                                7th & 8th Physical Ed.

  12.        Michelle F. Rosenberger                               Seventh Grade

  13.        Craig Corley                                                   Seventh Grade

  14.        Claudiau J. Sims                                            Seventh Grade

  15.        Jerry Fletcher                                                 Seventh Grade

  16.        Debra Lynn Burton                                       Seventh Grade

  17.        Lisa F. Winters                                              Sixth Grade

  18.        Judy Bacle                                                     Sixth Grade

  19.        Corey L. Denton                                           Sixth Grade 

  20.        Walter C. Barkley                                          Sixth Grade

  21.        Jennifer Leigh G. Jones                                Fifth Grade

  22.        Alexander M. Wolverton                             Fifth Grade

  23.        Charles Allen Carnahan                               Fifth Grade

  24.        LaJune Edwards                                            Fifth Grade

  25.        Bridgette M. Gean                                         Fifth Grade

  26.        Deborah Neely                                              Fourth Grade

  27.        Patty Hayes                                                   Fourth Grade

  28.        Angel R. Morgan                                          Fourth Grade

  29.        Diana S. Breland                                           Fourth Grade 

  30.        Patsy McCracken                                         Fourth Grade

               Early Childhood (8g)

 31.         Heather C. Breland                                        Pre-Kindergarten

 32.         Melissa B. Duncan                                        Pre-Kindergarten

               Starting Points Pre-School   

  33.        Lou King                                                           Pre-Kindergarten

               Pre-school Special Education

  34.        Lisa Cochran                                                    Preschool Sp. Ed.

  35.        Jerri S. Stokes                                                  Preschool Sp. Ed.

               Special Education   

  36.        Minnie Wilson                                               Special Education

  37.        Uvonia C. Andrews                                       Special Education        

  38.        Rosalina Green                                               Special Education

  39.        Lisa Bradshaw                                                Special Education

               Learn Facilitator

  40.         Ann Dunn                                                      Learn Facilitator           

Alternative Suspension/Expulsion Class

  41.        Tressie A. Turner                                           Alternative S./E. Class

               Pam Tackett teaches S.E. part time at FMS.  She is homebased at MHS.

               Robert Gregory Grambling teacher Ad. P.E. part time at FMS.  He is homebased at FHS.

               Greg Rupert teaches Band and Music part time at FMS.  He is homebased at FHS.

               Principal   1

               Number of Elementary Teachers    29

               Number of  Early Childhood (8g) Funds - Pre-Kindergarten Teachers   2

               Number of Starting Point Pre-School Teacher        1

               Number of Preschool Special Education Teachers   2

               Number of Special Education Teachers   4

               Number of Learn Facilitators    1

               Number of Alternative Suspension/Expulsion      1

               Total   41


FARMERVILLE HIGH SCHOOL                        Back to the Top

   1.        Johnny Mance                                               Principal

    2.        Jerry Ginn                                                       Director of Student Affairs

    3.        Belinda Reid                                                  Guidance  Counselor

    4.        Harriet A. Fletcher                                        History, F. Enterprise, Civics

    5.        Kay Adkins                                                   English, Folklore, Fine Arts

    6.        Troy I. Hodge                                                P. Ed., Health, Soc.

    7.        Nancy Hearn                                                 Ph. Ed., Dr. Ed., Civics/ F.E.

    8.        Debra James                                                  Biology

    9.        Betty S. Auger                                              Home Ec., F/Nutrit., Fam/Co.

  10.        Linda Bowman                                              Librarian

  11.        Thomas Brian Fine                                       Physical Education

  12.        Kamala Roan                                                 English

  13.        Juanita Johnson                                            Spanish, French                  

  14.        Aimee G. Armstrong                                     Journalism, English

  15.        John R. Fleming II                                         Phy. Science, World History

  16.        Edna Rogers                                                  English, Creative Writing

  17.        Misty M. Echols                                           Chemistry, Science, Physics     

  18.        Donna S. Bignar                                            Integrated Math

  19.        Sandy Stevenson                                          Algebra, Geometry

  20.        Bobby R. Odom                                            W. Geog., History, Theater 

  21.        Greg Rupert                                                    Band

  22.        Otheus K. Jackson                                        Algebra, Math, Geometry

  23.        Wendi May                                                    B. English, B. Math, Bus. Ap.

  24.        Geraldine James                                             Comp. Ap, I. Bus., Pub.

  25.        Larry Fine                                                       Physical Ed., Civics                  

               Special Education

  26.        Cliff Rowe                                                       Special Education

  27.        Charles "Art" Stewart                                   Special Education

               Adaptive Physical Education

  28.         R.  Gregory Grambling Adaptive Physical Ed.

               8 Transition Class                                                                                              

  29.         Edith McMurry                                              8 Transition Class

               R. Gregory Grambling teaches Adaptive P.E. part time at FMS, DHS, BHS & LHS.

               Greg Rupert  also teaches Band/Music part time at FMS.      

               Principal   1

               Number of High School Teachers  24

               Number of Special Ed. Teachers     2

               Number of Adaptive Physical Education    1

               Number of 8 Transition Class    1

               Total    29 


LILLIE MIDDLE SCHOOL                            Back to the Top

   1.        Charles Gray                                                 Principal

    2.        Rhodell Montgomery                                   Dir.of St. Aff., Phy. E.

    3.        Miriam G. Buggs                                           Librarian, Seventh &Eighth G

    4.        Evelyn Joy Simmons                                     Seventh & Eighth G.

    5.        Diona Phillips                                                 Seventh & Eighth Grades

    6.        Virginia Calloway                                         Seventh & Eighth Grades

    7.        Chad B. Spruell                                             7th & 8th  Grades, P. E.

    8.        Rachel S. Moore                                           Seventh & Eighth Grades

    9.        Mariene G. Bell                                              Seventh & Eighth Grades

  10.        Sandra E. Davidson                                      Seventh & Eighth Grade

  11.        Cassandra Neal                                              Sixth Grade

  12.        Nakia K. Smith                                               Sixth Grade

  13.        Wanda Washington                                     Sixth Grade

  14.        Karen L. Hall                                                  Fifth Grade

  15.        Shelia Watley                                                Fifth Grade

  16.        Charlotte D. Bowen                                      Fifth Grade

  17.        Mary C. Watley                                            Fourth Grade 

  18.        Lori Evette Hill                                              Fourth Grade

  19.        LaGuana Gray                                               Fourth Grade

  20.        Vickie L. Malone                                          Fourth Grade

               Special Ed.

  21.        H. Larry Parks                                             Special Education

  22.        Michael Patterson                                       Special Education

               Robert L. Wroten teaches Gifted/Talented part time.  Homebased at SHS.

               Principal   1

               Number of Elementary Teachers   19

               Number of Special Education Teachers   2 

               Total   22

LINVILLE HIGH SCHOOL                             Back to the Top

     1.        Glenda Reynolds                                           Principal

    2.        Michael Reese                                                Dir. Of St. Af., Algebra

    3.        Michele H. Taylor                                          Librarian, English,  Pub. 

    4.        David Gray                                                      Biology, Chem., Science

    5.        Dolores Baker                                                 Business, Accounting, Keybd

    6.        Julia Clark                                                        Family  & Consumer Science 

    7.        Ellen S. McPherson                                       English, Spanish, C. Writing

    8.        Rodney  McPherson                                      Social St., F.Enterp., A. His.


    9.        Terry Alan Murry                                         Seventh & Eighth Gr., P. E.

  10.        Janet Davey                                                   Seventh & Eighth Grades

  11.        Tracy Langston                                             Sixth Grade

  12.        Cheryl Hilton                                                 Fifth Grade

  13.        Amy R. Green                                                Fourth Grade

  14.        Judy Pilgreen                                                 Third Grade

  15.        Linda Tynes                                                   Second Grade

  16.        Dusty N. Ludwig                                           First Grade

  17.        Margaret Cook                                               Kindergarten

               Special Education

  18.        Gloria L. Garland                                           Special Education

  19.        Jackie T. Rabon                                            Special Education

               Pam Tackett teaches Gifted/Talented part time.  She is homebased at MHS.

               Robert Gregory Grambling teaches Adaptive PE part time.  He is homebased at FHS.

               Principal    1

               Number of Secondary Teacher    7

               Number of Elementary Teachers  9

               Number of Special Education Teachers   2

               Total    19


MARION HIGH SCHOOL                Back to the Top

   1.        Lillie Davis                                                     Principal

    2.        Norman P. Tassin                                          Dir. of St. Aff., Agri., Chem.

    3.        Ernest L. Wynn, Jr.                                       Physical  Education      

    4.        Mildred Andrews                                          Accounting, B. Eng.,Keybdg

    5.        Carolyn D. Mills                                            Fam. & Cons. Science, Math

    6.        Sonya Baker                                                  Geometry, Algebra, Math

    7.        Peggy Orten                                                  English, Spanish, Fine Arts

    8.        Terry Traxler, Sr.                                           Science, Biology


    9.        Mary Newcomb                                            Librarian, Seventh & Eighth

  10.        Thomas L. Smith                                           Seventh & Eighth, History

  11.        Jean Bean                                                       Sixth Grade

  12.        Daphne Ann Morgan                                   Fifth Grade      

  13.        Pretesia Brice                                                 Fourth Grade

  14.        Goldie Sensley                                               Third Grade     

  15.        Glyndle Smith                                                 Second Grade 

  16.        Verna Richardson                                          First Grade      

  17.        Beverly Bayles                                               Kindergarten

               Title I Music Teacher

  18.        Donald Ellison                                               Music, Language Arts  

               Special Education Resource

  19.        Gwendolyn F.  Flowers                                  Special Education

  20.        Rhonda Thomas                                             Special Education

               Special Education Pre-Kindergarten        

  21.        Erica S. Benson                                              Special Ed. Pre-Kindergarten

               Gifted and Talented

  22.        Pamela Tackett                                              Special Ed. - Gifted/Talented

               Pam Tackett teaches Gifted/Talented part time at LHS and FMS also

               Principal   1

               Number of Secondary Teachers  7

               Number of Elementary Teachers   9

               Number of Title I Music Teachers    1

               Number of Special Education Resource Teachers  2

               Number of Special Education Pre-Kindergarten Teachers  1

               Number of Gifted and Talented Teachers    1

               Total   22



   1.        Andy Allred                                                   Principal

    2.        Jan Jones                                                       Eighth Grade

    3.        Janet Roberson                                             Sixth & Seventh G.

    4.        Kim Neese                                                     Fifth Grade

    5.        Shirley Honeycutt                                        Fourth Grade

    6.        Mary Pete                                                     Third Grade

    7.        Sherri Coates                                                Second Grade

    8.        Debra K. Wright                                           First Grade

    9.        Judy Cummings                                            Kindergarten

               Principal    1

               Number of Elementary Teachers 8

               Total   9


SPEARSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL                        Back to the Top

   1.        Catheryn Buckley                                          Principal

    2.        Lovie D. Andrews                                         Dir. Of St. Af., Business, Kbd

    3.        Kevin Adkins                                                Spanish, History, Geo, Phy E

    4.        Jennifer Wicker                                             English

    5.        Donna Kay Darnell                                       Algebra, Adv. Math, ACT P.

    6.        Arthur C. Hackney                                        Phy.  Ed., Driver Ed.

    7.        Miriam Stone                                                 Family & Cons. Science

    8.        Loretta T. Pearson                                         Librarian, Biology


    9.        Mildred Ferguson                                          Third Grade

  10.        Bonnie Terral                                                  Third Grade

  11.        Tracy Futch                                                    Second Grade

  12.        Nikki C. Cranford                                           Second Grade

  13.        Lynn A. Hicks                                                First Grade      

  14.        Anna C. Deason                                            First Grade      

  15.        Ophelia Smith                                                 Kindergarten

  16.        Lizzie M. Kennedy                                         Kindergarten

               Title VI Teacher

  17.        Amy Brumett                                                 First Grade

               Gifted and Talented

  18.        Robert L. Wroten                                         Gifted and Talented

               Special Education

  19.        Melinda J. Lay                                               Special Education

  20.        Kimberly K. Buggs                                        Special Education

               Title I. Pre-School

  21.        Amanda Arrington                                       Title I Pre-School                                

               Gregory Young teaches Special Ed. part time at SHS. Homebased at BHS.

               Robert L. Wroten teaches Gifted/Talented part time at LMS and BHS.  Homebased at SHS.

               Principal  1

               Number of Secondary Teacher  7

               Number of Elementary Teacher   8

               Number of Title VI Teachers       1

               Number of Gifted and Talented Teachers   1

               Number of Special Education Teachers   2

               Number of Title I Pre-School Teachers  1

               Total   21

SPEECH THERAPIST                                    Back to the Top

   1.        Debra L. Roberts                                          All Schools, Central Office   

    2.        Claudia S. Rockett                                        All Schools, Central Office            


   1.        Terry M. Tyler                                               All Schools, Central Office                    


     1.        Elizabeth R. Pierce                                         All Schools, Central Office

    2.        LeAnn E. Allen                                              All Schools, Central Office

    3.        Janet L. Epinette                                            All Schools, Central Office


   1.        Rhonda Davis                                                All Schools, Central Office.


   1.        Martha Brown                                               All Schools, Central Office


    1.        Debbie G. Plumber                                        All Schools, Central Office           


    1.        Patricia Berry                                                All Schools, Central Office             


    1.        Tom Snell                                                      All Schools, Central Office




   1.         Deborah N. Hollimon                                       SHS, LMS, BHS, Central O.

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