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Teacher: Ms. Cook

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Kindergarten Class Favorites: Shelby, Amber, Dustin, Cole

Class News: The Kindergarten Class has learned the letters a, c, o, g. They are also learning to blend sounds.


What the Kindergarten Class likes about school.


Amber likes playing in the art box, taking naps, and recess.

Amanda likes the playing centers, playing outside, coloring, and work.

Bethany likes playing on the computer, coloring, likes taking naps.

Cole likes playing on the playground, the monkeybars, the playing centers, and the computer lab.

Samantha likes playing on the computers, playing with the toys, playing with her cousin on the playground, She LOVES school.

Hunter likes to play outside.

Dustin likes writing letters, playing on the playground.

Justin likes coloring, sitting down like the Indains.

Morgan likes playing on the playground, taking naps, playing the computer games.

Byron- likes the chalkboard, chalk, and pencils.

Frances likes playing on the playground, likes playing on the computer, taking naps.

Bennett likes playing on the playground.

Shelby likes reading, going to the library, playing on the playground.

Cody likes playing on the playground, writing letters, going to lunch.

Destin likes the playground, mostly the jungle gym bridge.

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Amber -- January 13, 1997                               Amanda-- November 5, 1996

Bethany-- Sebtember 15, 1997                             Cole-- November 25, 1996

Samantha-- October 8, 1996                              Hunter-- February 16, 1997

Dustin-- September 21, 1997                              Justin-- August 4, 1997

Morgan-- March 13, 1997                                Byron-- February 17, 1997

Frances-- June 29, 1996                                 Bennett-- September 19, 1997

Shelby-- June 20, 1997                                     Cody-- March 13, 1997

Destin-- October 24, 1996

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