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Farmerville Junior High School

Uniform Policy

The student's uniform must be in appropriate color and style and worn by all students.  New students have one week to acquire uniforms and comply with the dress code. 






Navy or white shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt.

Navy or khaki pants or shorts.

Navy, khaki, or white socks.

Belt to fit.


Navy or white shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt.

Navy or khaki pants, shorts, capris, jumper, skirt, skort, or overalls.

Navy, khaki, or white socks or tights.

Belt to fit.

Sweater or sweatshirt - Navy or white to be worn over uniform shirt or instead of the uniform shirt.  No words, symbols, logos, or pictures can be on the sweater or sweatshirt.  The only logo allowed on any clothing is the Farmerville Junior High School logo.


Shoes - No rubber flip-flops or house shoes allowed.


Coats/Jackets - Must be a plain jacket or coat.  No "starter style" jackets or other jackets with logos or symbols will be allowed.  Shirts worn as jackets must be removed in the building.


Shirts - Short or long sleeve polo knit or oxford style button-down collars are regulation.  No colored t-shirts may be worn as shirts.  White t-shirts may be worn under the regulation uniform shirt, but it must be tucked in and the sleeves must not be longer than the sleeves of the regulation uniform shirt.  At least one button the polo shirt must be buttoned.  Shirts without  collars are not allowed.  Shirts must be tucked in.


Shorts or pants - Must be uniform style and made to fit (not ultra tight or oversized).

No cargo style or low rise pants allowed.  Length must follow the Union Parish dress code.


Belts - Must be worn and the end must be tucked into the belt loops, not hanging.


Name badge - Will be worn around the neck and visible (not tucked inside the shirt).


Book bag/Backpack - Must be clear or mesh.