Through non-formal, research based, experimental education activities,  participants gain knowledge and life skills enabling them to become positive, productive, capable and compassionate members of their communities.



The mission of the Farmerville High School Band Program is to fully support all school activities and sport events as needed and to support the community & parish events as requested.



The purpose of the Farmerville High School Beta Club is to promote the ideals of character, service and leadership among secondary school students, to reward meritorious achievement and to encourage and assist students in continuing their education after high school.



To present to athletes, coaches, students and teachers the challenge of receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in their fellowship of the church.



To prepare students to become strong future family, career, and community leaders of America.






We the students of FHS will follow the examples of yesterday's leaders in order to become the leaders of tomorrow.  We represent the student body to the best of our abilities in academics, athletics, sportsmanship and citizenship.  Our goal is to strive for excellence as we build a foundation for a better tomorrow.  Our legacy to Farmerville will be experience, knowledge, and integrity.